Contrarian Modern Gin

A fresh take on citrus

Local Red Winter Wheat and Lemon Zest work in concert in this gin to create a smooth and citrus forward taste you won’t soon forget. Distilled three times before final proof, botanical layering techniques and volatile aromatics come together to create a distinctive taste. Contrarian Modern Gin’s remarkable smoothness and aroma is just the right base for cocktail creation.

Contrarian London Dry Gin

Your tried and true

Our take on the classic London Dry Gin is straightforward. Bring together bold juniper flavour with coriander, chamomile, licorice and lemon zest to create a beautifully clean taste. Perfect for the quintessential G&T or whatever cocktail you desire. Whether you enjoy it amongst friends for a special occasion or during a quiet moment after a hell of a day, we’re betting it’ll taste just right.


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